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Zerona Santa Rosa with Dr. Michael Ridgeway Loose inches in weeks with cold laser treatments









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The Zerona Lipo Laser:
Before & After Testimonials

Don’t take my word for it. Below are several video testimonials showing you the quantitative results using the Zerona lipo laser.

before Zerona treatmentspace

Gregory Roche, MD, was just as impressed with the clinical results as those patients in the test group. Here Zerona™ treatment has provided greatly enhanced skin smoothness.

before Zerona treatmentspace

Here, another of Dr. Roche’s patients has experienced a dramatic reduction in cellulite and other surface wrinkles.

before Zerona treatmentspace

This patient lost 7 inches combined in six Zerona™ sessions, under the direction of Dr. Randy Wong, at Laser Energy Works, Honolulu, Hawaii

before Zerona treatmentspace

Patient received six sessions in two weeks, losing 3 pounds and 7 inches from her wasteline.
Thomas Barnes, MD

The following are testimonials from patients who have undergone ZERONA with Dr. Michael Ridgeway in California.

“I underwent my Zerona treatment with Dr. Michael Ridgeway, 4 days/wk , for two weeks, and saw with amazement as my cholesterol blood work showed a reduction from 206 to 155, my triglycerides went from 226 to 57, and my blood pressure plummeted from a risky 135/110 down to a nearly ideal 110/70. Plus, I lost about 5-7lb of belly fat, and my waist size reduced by nearly 3”. Also made my face look about 7-8 years younger (minimizes under eye bags, jowels under chin, tightens skin, etc.). Great stuff, you will feel like a new man after just two weeks. I lost virtually all of my markers of Metabolic Syndrome after a brief, 8-session, two week treatment regimen.” 
(CP, San Jose)

“The Zerona body sculpting is amazing!!!! Dr. Ridgeway I can’t thank you enough for bringing this to your office and for making such a great package. Not only did I lose 4 inches off my hips and nearly 5 inches off my waistline, I am also continuing to lose weight, nearly 20 pounds. I have tried and tried and tried and nothing has worked, but your combination of healthy eating recommendations, nutrients and of course the Zerona has done it. I am motivated now more then ever to stick to eating healthy, and I can wait to do the Zerona on my arms. – Lisa For the first time since I hit puberty I am in a single digit size!!! Thank you Dr. Ridgeway for taking the time to work with me. I am 16 and have been struggling with losing weight trying Jenny Craig, Weight Watchers, and Starvation only to fail and gain more back. On top of that I had constant stomach pains from all the dieting. I now feel GREAT, have no pain, I’ve lost inches and weight and now am a perfect size 8. I am continuing to stick to your recommendations for eating healthy and even in high school it is so easy to do.”
(Anonymous teen)

“After following Dr. Ridgeway's nutritional advice for only a couple of weeks, I had energy!! This was so very hard to believe--I had been struggling through every day, taking in tons of caffeine, for years!! And I have been losing weight consistently, which I was skeptical about at first when I read over what foods I was allowed to eat! Energy and comfortable weight loss--what a miracle!! I'm 54 years old, have suffered from chronic pain and fibromyalgia for years, had been trying to diet unsuccessfully for years, and currently take seven prescriptions each day. After only five weeks, I've experienced not only renewed energy, but my pain is reduced, I've lost pounds, and I've already been able to cut the dosage on two of those prescriptions. I hope by the end of my program to have stopped taking as many of my prescriptions as possible!! Dr. Ridgeway's enthusiastic and compassionate coaching has been the key ingredient to my success.”

“Just want you to know that it feels good to work with you. I feel like you are my mentor in good health and seeing you has helped me to become more conscious of what I eat and how I eat, and the supplements I need. I enjoy what I eat and really don't feel deprived. I am aware when I veer off a little, but overall my eating style has been good! I have never believed in calling a healthful eating plan a "diet". Psychologically, it makes a person feels so restricted. I actually feel freer and lighter as I engage in eating more healthfully and "taste-fully". When we are more conscious in our lives we are truly more present, more in control, and more alive. Thanks for your guidance and expertise, and for being my champion for good health and spirit.”

“ The Zerona Process has helped me do something I've been trying to do for years - loose weight and keep it off in a healthy way.” (Jacqui) The Zerona Process is great! It's been almost three months since my sessions and I'm still loosing weight and inches.”

<strong>Zerona</strong> cold laser proceedures with Dr. Michael Ridgeway, Santa Rosa, CA